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of the whole Dermaroller brand and product range with a medical trained sales force.

eDermastamp® LS

eDermastamp® LS

Your benefits:

  • precise work
  • seamlessly adjustable penetration depth
  • quiet handpiece, ergonomically shaped, enables fatigue-free operation
  • powerful device, also operable with foot switch
  • hygienic operation and use
  • space-saving and handy
  • simple to transport
  • class IIa medical device (93/42/EEC) - Made in Germany

Important: During treatment with eDermastamp® LS, minor bleeding (microbleeds) of the skin will occur as the needles penetrate into the deeper skin layers. This effect is desired to ensure successful treatment. However, always choose the needle length in such a way that only a slight "bleeding" on the skin is observed - a more severe bleeding is not necessary.

Note that the supplied needle modules are designed for single use only and must be replaced after each use for hygienic reasons.

After removing the needle module and its proper disposal, you can clean the device with a surface disinfectant and a soft cloth.

Technical data:          
    Mains power unit voltage: 230/15V DC
    Mains power unit frequency: 50 Hz
    Power consumption: 5.7 VA max.
    Mechanical working frequency
    Handpiece: variable with 100 to 150 stitches/second
    Controller dimensions: L x H x W 230 x 45 x 185 (mm)
    Handpiece weight: ca. 100 g
    Control unit weight: 1100 g

    Control unit
    Ergonomically shaped handpiece
    Handpiece connection cable
    Mains power unit with adapters
    Device holder (control unit and handpiece)
    Foot switch

Operating conditions:
    Ambient temperature: +10 °C to +35 °C
    Relative humidity: 30 % to 75


Application should be carried out exclusively by adequately trained professional personnel in order to guarantee proper treatment and the best possible results.

Please observe the operating instructions for the device and the information packaged with the needle module. The hygiene instructions cited there must be complied with.

Follow the treatment steps below and your patients will be able to see an improved complexion even after just a few treatments.

1. Before treatment with the eDermastamp® LS, clean the skin thoroughly.

2. Use a new, sterile needle module for each customer and insert this into the handpiece. Set the desired needle length.

3. Apply a small quantity of lubricant to the areas to be treated. We recommend our hyaluronic acid gel CIT Hyal.

4. Now you can start the treatment. The handpiece should be guided in a circular movement with light pressure over the skin area.

5. After treatment, we recommend using the Dermaroller Mask in order to provide the skin with adequate moisture and simultaneously to calm down the irritation.