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The HYAL and ANTI-OX substances are carefully matched to one another and enable a fully comprehensive skin revitalisation. The ingredients promote cell vitality, the skin's regenerative ability is significantly improved and the cell ageing process actively inhibited.
In combination with a microneedling treatment, this holistic concept offers an excellent opportunity to reduce the visible signs of skin ageing.

Your benefits:


  • High-molecular, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid administers intensive moisturising
  • Ideal for correcting superficial wrinkles
  • Maintains the natural tone and elasticity of the skin
  • Highest quality hyaluronic acid (pharmaceutical grade)


Your benefits:

  • Has a powerful anti-oxidant effect
  • Actively protects the cells from free radicals
  • Counteracts signs of premature skin ageing
  • inhibits premature skin aging
  • Age spots can be reduced
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HYAL ANTI-OX is only permitted for external use.

The skin area to be treated must be cleaned before the application.

Open the top of the glass ampoules HYAL and ANTI-OX by taking off the caps or pulling the opening tab.

First apply the HYAL then the ANTI-OX to the skin.

Medical grade hyaluronic acid 15mg/ml: The particularly high-molecular, hyaluronic acid in HYAL is of the highest quality and has a skin-firming effect. This non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid ensures that the water in the skin is significantly better bonded than is the case in conventional products.

Patented active ingredient complex: This is a highly-active substance complex with a natural base. The anti-oxidant characteristics neutralise the free radicals (highly-reactive oxygen compounds) that are a contributory cause of the cell ageing process. The patented active ingredient complex offers unique cell protection, which was developed in Switzerland. When used regularly, products with this active ingredients complex protect the skin and body from harmful environmental influences. The complex imparts more vitality to the cells and in this way actively inhibits cell ageing. This simultaneously supports the regeneration of somatic cells and additionally impedes the enzyme collagenase, which initiates and accelerates the degradation and collapse of the connective tissue. This provides a targeted strengthening of the important collagen structures required for a healthy skin.

Aqua, sodium hyaluronate, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, potassium phosphate
Medical grade hyaluronic acid 15mg/ml

Aqua, ascorbic acid, glutathione, camellia sinensis leaf extract
Patented active ingredient complex