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Dermaroller Mask

Dermaroller Mask mit Hyaluron

Dry skin is not only unpleasant, but can also lead to wrinkles and itching. Our skin is exposed to and attacked by external influences such as exhaust gases or extreme weather conditions on a daily basis. The skin barrier becomes permeable and loses its moisture. The Dermaroller Mask will restore the epidermal cells in the skin with new moisture and support the production of collagen at the same time. Your skin feels fresher and more radiant. Try it out!

Your benefits:

  • intensive supply of moisture to the skin
  • supports the regeneration process of the skin
  • reduces dryness lines
  • silky smooth feeling on the skin
  • supports the skin’s own production of collagen
  • individually packaged and ideal for travel

Product description:

The Dermaroller Mask consists of a silky mask soaked in hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl® and vitamin E. Matrixyl® is a peptide that activates the repair processes of the body and can lessen UV damage, for example. Hyaluron is a substance produced naturally in the body, which retains moisture in the skin. It ensures an optimal balance of moisture and plumps up smaller wrinkles. The skin enjoys a pleasant cooling effect at the same time thanks to the evaporative effect of hyaluron. Vitamin E acts against the premature ageing of the skin by free radicals and supports the enzyme activity of the skin.
After applying the moisturising mask, the substances take effect within 30 minutes and provide the skin with lasting moisture.



Dermaroller Mask is recommended

  • after a stressful day of work.
  • after being in air-conditioned rooms.
  • after flying.
  • after skin treatments (e.g. laser, dermabrasion, exfoliation, microneedling, medical collagen induction therapy etc.)
  • after microneedling at home with Dermaroller HC902
  • after sun burns.
  • with a feeling of tightness on the skin.
  • with smokers’ skin.



We recommend applying the mask once a week. The mask is especially pleasant if it is stored in the fridge for a while before application.

  1. Thoroughly clean your face and hands before application.
  2. Open the pouch, remove the mask and unfold. First remove the white protective film and place the Dermaroller Mask with the silky side on your face. Then remove the blue protective film. Now press on the mask firmly.
  3. Relax during the application.
  4. The mask is slightly dry on your face after 20 to 30 minutes and you can now remove it. Gently massage the rest of the serum into your skin.

Packaging unit: 1 pack of 10 masks

Retail: You can obtain the masks in your pharmacy with the PIP code 09727672.

Shelf life: Disposable product

Combination products:

  • Dermaroller New Natural Line Skin Cleanser





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