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eDS en2017

The innovation

of micro needling


„State of the Art“ in design
and high-end quality
Made in Germany


eDermastamp is compact and low in noise tabletop unit for electrically microneedling. The Hand-piece (driver) with its ergonomic design allows effortless handling. The strong electric motor guaranties continuous operation with 50 to 150 pricks per second. Six fine precision Micro-Needles from medical grade stainless steel are the optimal number for minimal invasive penetration forces and minimal tissue trauma.

eDermastamp procedures take advantage of the body’s own regeneration process by stimulating cell proliferation that results in new collagen formations. The epidermis is improved in thickness and transparency. Repeated eDermastamp sessions improve the overall skin texture and facial expression.



eDS LS Tips  CIT Hyal 
The patent-pending eDermastamp needle-tip-protector serves simultaneously as a reservoir for the infiltration of approved drugs and CE-marked medical devices such as Dermaroller CIT solution. A patented spring seal seals the needle module towards the handpiece so that contamination of the handpiece is prevented
For a treatment with the eDermastamp we recommend Dermaroller CIT Hyal as lubricant.
 eDS set 2016  

eDermastamp®  contains:
•Control unit
•Connector cable
•Power supply with adaptors
•Foot pedal

Technical data
Rated voltage: 230/15V DC
Frequenzy power supply: 50 Hz
Power consumption: 5,7 VA max.
Working frequenzy handpiece:
Selectable from 50 to 150 penetrations per second
Dimension control unit: L x H x W 230 x 45 x 185 (mm)
Weight of handpiece: ca. 100 g
Weight: 1100 g

 eDS LS Tips Box  

eDermastamp® Needle Tip
with patented spring seal
Comes in a box of 5 pcs., sterile
CE marked Medical Device, Class IIa
Single use only
Available in 1,5 mm needle length

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